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Hippie Eats Cookbook

Healthy noms from 2 hippie moms.

We made this book for you. But first, we made it for our families. We wanted a place, a book if you will, to keep our favorite recipes.

When anyone is sick or looking for a healthier alternative to old classics, we still get texts asking, “Hey Britt, what’s that vegan potato soup recipe?” or “Hey Amber, how can I eat more plant-based?”

Whatever it is, we’ve got the recipes our loved ones love in this very book. And that’s pretty special.

All recipes are original health-forward family favorites. These are meals we eat regularly. We’ve learned over the years how to prepare healthy, plant-heavy meals– without sacrificing flavor. We hope you love these meals as much as we do.

Peace, love & plants, Brittany & Amber


Hippie Eats Cookbook

You don’t have to eat less, you have to eat right.

Hippie Eats Contents

  • Introduction

  • Breakfast Noms

  • Smoothie Noms

  • Lunch & Dinner Noms

  • Beverage Noms

  • Holiday Noms

  • Sweet Noms

  • Grocery List Staples

  • Healthy Swaps & Nutrition Tips

  • Our Story