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Meagan Kunisch

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Meagan Kunisch -NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified

I wasn’t your traditional athlete. I didn’t grow up playing sports or experiencing the competitive environment that goes along with sports. There was a part of me that yearned for that sense of family and community you get when you are part of a team. It was something I always wanted but I never wanted to step out of my comfort zone to find it. It wasn’t until I enrolled in my first body sculpting class in high school that I finally got a taste of who I was and unknowingly who I was meant to be. You see, not everyone in the fitness industry was raised in sports. Many successful people in the fitness world are normal everyday people who simply wanted MORE. That is 100% me. Not in the sense of obtaining and owning more “things”; in the sense that I wanted more out of myself. I wanted to set goals, I wanted to reach those goals, I wanted to challenge myself, and more than anything I wanted to finally step out of my comfort zone and do things I never had the courage to do. So, I obtained my National Academy of Sports Medicine certification in 2016. I then set a new goal for myself, prepping and competing in my very first bikini competition. Prepping and competing in my first competition is what opened my eyes to my truest and fullest potential. I gained strength, confidence, knowledge, compassion, a sense of team work, a sense of community, and more importantly I found who I was always meant to be. Signing on with ADOFitness and their amazing team was another goal, maybe more of a dream at the time, I had set in the back of my head. I thought if there was any team or rather, any family I would want to be a part of it would be ADOFitness.

My purpose in life is to help others learn and help them to see their true strength and potential within themselves, to teach them how to achieve optimal health in a sustainable manner. If I can help just one person see themselves in a more positive light, I have done my part.

Show Credentials

2nd Place – Very first bikini competition, earned Pro card – NSL (Oct. 2016)

1st Place National Champion bikini beach title, pro debut, second competition – NSL (Nov. 2016)

2nd Place, Bikini athletic pro show, third competition – NSL (April. 2017)

I fully respect and trust in her process and love my results, therefore I will be continuing to utilize her services in the future.

Amanda Lineback

I'm just overall a much happier, healthier, and stronger person from my training with Meagan!

Jessica Reagan