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Customized To Fit You


Choose the package that fits YOU!

ADOFitness is diverse in what we can create and offer. Whatever type of plan you’re looking for, we can help you reach your goals. Choose one of the packages below and fill out the quick form to help us determine which package is best suited for you.

``Prep`` Package - Competition Based

This package is for the individual looking for a coach for bodybuilding competition prep. We provide coaching for all bodybuilding divisions including Bikini, Figure, and Physique. We have clients who participate in almost every bodybuilding organization and can individualize your prep plan based off whatever your competition goals include. This package will include usage of text/email and accountability mechanisms.

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Nutritional Guidance Package- 12 weeks

This package is for the individual looking for a specific meal plan to follow. We can assist you in reaching your goals through weekly adjustments to the meal plan based off current body composition and end goals. This package offers a customized meal plan based off the client’s taste preferences and lifestyle. It includes weekly adjustments to the plan after accountability check in’s, to best help you achieve your goals. This package can be combined with our workout package at a discounted rate.

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Macro Adjustments-IIFYM Package 12 Weeks

This package is for the individual who is already familiar or looking to learn about tracking macronutrients and the IIFYM/Flexible dieting lifestyle. If you are someone who has interest in tracking your macros and are looking for a coach to set your macros based off your goals and add the accountability of weekly adjustments based on progress this package is for you! This package includes weekly check in’s along with macro adjustments based off progress and goals. This package can be combined with our Workout Package at a discounted rate.

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Custom Workout Package- 12 weeks

Feeling lost in the gym? Just need to change up your workout routine? This package is for those who want to start a new workout routine, are looking to freshen up their current workout schedule, or need help achieving specific physique goals. This package includes monthly workouts specifically created for your lifestyle and goals. This package can be combined with either the Nutritional Guidance or Macro Package for a discounted rate.

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Not sure what package is right for you? Let me help.

We offer two different nutrition packages, a macro adjustment package and nutritional guidance package. Both nutrition packages will help you achieve the same results. The only difference is you get more flexibility with our macro plan by being able to plan out your own meals, and with our nutritional guidance package you are following a set meal plan. Which package do you feel would better suit your lifestyle and goals?
If you are still unsure, I would recommend starting with our nutritional guidance package where we will have all of your meals laid out for you in a menu style, which will take the guess work out of it. Then if later on you decide you would like more flexibility with your intake, you are more than welcome to transition over to our macro adjustment plan whenever you feel comfortable. Either the nutritional guidance or macro adjustment plan can be utilized as a reverse diet plan as well if you are looking to work on metabolic health. We also will customize the workout package for your needs – whether it be at home, in the gym, or with limited equipment.