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Alicia G

Name: Alicia G 

Age: 26

Package Purchased: Macros 

From: Riverside, CA

I found out about ADO Fitness—ironically—on an Instagram page that debunked fake fitness professionals. On one post, the administrator asked people to provide the names and handles of reputable and professional coaches that they’ve worked with. Of the dozen or so comments of names I saw, ADO caught my eye. I looked it up and contacted Amber. Amber set me up with Jennifer. I was a little fluffy from the holidays, and I wanted to look my best for an upcoming vacation. The previous summer, I had worked with a coach (who will remain unnamed), and I tried to use those same macros, but was not having any success. 

When I started working with Jennifer, she told me my numbers were too low, that my metabolism had been messed up, and that in order to change my body composition and look my best this summer, I needed to eat more. Yeah, more. 

I thought she was crazy, but figured that I paid for a 3-month commitment, so I may as well follow her advice for 3 months and if I didn’t like it, that’d be it. 

I was eating so much food. I literally thought I was going to blow up. But my body started responding, and even though the scale didn’t change too much, my body composition radically transformed. Not only that, but I still had so much strength and energy at the gym. 

We reversed up for a couple months and then began our “cut” about a few weeks before my trip. I say “cut,” because I was still eating more than I was when I started my program. 

Finding ADO and working with Jennifer is probably the most sane thing I’ve ever done in the pursuit of a fitter body. 

I never felt deprived, I ate a lot, and the whole process was healthy. 

I would encourage everyone to take the leap. It sounds totally counterintuitive—to eat more and lose—but the payoff is great. You need to trust the process, and I promise you’ll probably enjoy it. 

–Alicia G