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Dana Cushing

More than a coach.

After one year of following Amber on social media I finally decided to reach out to her in December of 2016.  I was 8 weeks out from my second hip surgery in three months and needed guidance with my nutrition and workouts.

As a registered nurse and health coach, I struggled not being able to figure out my own nutrition. How could I help people on a daily basis with their nutrition and not help myself? What I did not see was how the structure of my daily nutrition was affecting everything from my performance in the gym to my weight and how I felt about myself.

I was never an athlete in high school. I loved the water and taught swimming lessons, but that is the extent of my activity through my early 30s. After having my third baby, I decided it was time to start moving. Over the past 10 years, I have enjoyed group fitness, a few marathons and A LOT of cardio. I incorporated some resistance work, but really focused on how running could help me stay in shape or lose weight. When running was out of the equation, that is when I really began to struggle. I continued to eat the same and the weight and frustration mounted.

At age 41, I finally realized I could not help myself, even with all of the tools in my toolbox. That is where Amber comes in. If you do a quick glance at social media, you may see many physique competitors. Take a deeper look. Amber has a great understanding of nutrition, physical fitness, injury rehab and psychology. I have embraced her philosophy and watched her heal her own body with nutrition to maintain a pregnancy and be a post-partum human milk machine for her adorable little boy.

My plan was to hire Amber for 12 weeks. At the end of those 12 weeks, she had provided me with a very strong foundation with my fitness/hip rehab and nutrition, but I wanted more. She is such a wealth of knowledge, I knew I wanted her continued support. I gained another 12 weeks of amazing macro adjustments, workouts and rehab for my hip. I could not be happier with my body image at 42 years old. I am stronger and leaner now than ever and spend about an hour per day 5 days per week in the gym( that includes a fair amount of social time too:)). Only 2 VERY short interval sessions per week. I may run again someday, but for now, my body is happy with resistance training and HIIT. It is scary to decrease your workouts, but trust the process and Amber or any member of the ADO Team!

I have a crazy sweet tooth and have been able to satisfy it daily with Amber’s guidance. I no longer feel restricted. Restriction for me causes cravings to go through the roof. The majority of my carbohydrates and fats are whole food based, but it is so nice to have some wiggle room! I love the recipes ADO fitness shares, everything from whole food to sweet macro-friendly treats.

Do not hire a coach to throw a set of macronutrients at you. You need more than a coach for that. You need somebody to heal your mind and heart, create an environment of positivity to support self-love, esteem and worth. Once you can start loving who you are, the food freedom follows. It does not happen overnight. My days are not all amazing or without fault, but I am so much happier to enjoy all of the foods I love and have a strong and healthy body.