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Ixiim Flores

Let me start by saying that I am not a  fitness competitor, just a regular 38 (almost 39) year-old woman who simply likes to work out. Growing up, I was an active child, did sports in high school, began lifting weights before I entered college, and loved to run. I’ve kept at it my entire life, but over the last few years, I started to feel like my body was not responding as well as it used to and that changes were not coming as easily. I had ramped up my cardio to at least 60 minutes a day (longer on Saturdays when I would go for long 10-13 mile runs), and was lifting weights 5-6 days a week. I didn’t eat junk: I haven’t touched fast food or fried food in years. I’m mostly vegetarian and don’t eat gluten and a whole host of other things due to food allergies (yes, I’ve been tested by a doctor).

Needless to say, I thought I was doing everything right and was becoming frustrated that I seemed to be working out all the time and was still not where I wanted to be physically. One day, I decided things had to change; I had to do something different. After following Amber Dawn Orton on Instagram (@mishkadawn) for over a year, I  finally reached out to inquire about her coaching through ADO Fitness. I was always impressed with the ADO way of approaching  fitness. Amber would share the highs and lows, the good days and the struggles…plus her posts of all sorts of foods showed me she didn’t believe in depriving. As a hard- core foodie who loves to explore cuisines and enjoys well-prepared meals, I liked this! So I reached out…and I am so glad I did.

Amber set me up with one of her coaches, Jennifer Binder, who had a similar active background and was also on the taller side, like me. J After completing several very thorough intake forms on my nutrition, current workouts, and goals, Jennifer sent me my  rst Workout and Macro plans. Right away, she identi ed that I was overtraining and actually eating into my own muscle stores. Who knew? Jennifer cut my cardio dramatically and increased my food intake (reverse dieting) which was completely foreign – and somewhat terrifying – for me.

The  rst workouts were nothing too intimidating; they included several di erent types of weights and HIIT training than what I was doing, and in di erent combinations. I thought, “I can do this”! As for the Macro eating plans…well, those were new to me. I had taken several nutrition courses while in college, so I knew what macronutrients were, but I had never applied this style of eating (IIFYM) to my diet. It was a huge change at  rst – I was way under-eating protein before and couldn’t  gure out how to get all this extra protein in my diet – but I trusted Jennifer to lead me in the right direction.

I began meal planning and getting creative with alternative protein sources. It took a little getting used to, but I was determined to follow her plans.

Each week, after I sent Jennifer my progress pics, she would update my macro targets to get my body to respond. Let me say, Jennifer really knows what she’s doing! I’ve only lost about 4 pounds since I’ve started my ADO Fitness journey, but I’ve lost 2 inches o  my waist, almost an inch o  my thighs and I’m building in all the right places (the booty!). Plus, my body is noticeably di erent. Overall, I’m a lot leaner, tighter, toned, and dare I say, ripped! And as coaches go, Jennifer has been awesome! I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t had doubts or bad days; the reverse dieting phase can really play tricks on your mind when you see the scale, but Jennifer was always there to let me vent, to o er encouragement and words of wisdom. I am so glad I reached out that day and I’m extremely grateful for all that Jennifer has helped me to achieve so far. Through Jennifer’s coaching and guidance, this regular girl is seeing a whole new  tter version of herself come through!

– lxiim Flores