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Karyn Johnson

I was having dinner with my friend and complaining about the scales not moving after trying multiple programs and she encouraged me to give ADO a try.  I was hesitant, but saw how good she looked and thought what do I have to lose!  I signed up in April with Joey as my coach and wow…not only have the scales moved, but the inches I have lost and the muscle tone I’m gaining!  Being in my late 40’s I didn’t have much hope about weight loss until I started with ADO.  It hasn’t been easy and some days are challenging, but all in all,  this program works for me.  I have gone down two sizes in my clothes, which feels fabulous, and I feel so much stronger.  Joey has been the best coach and mentor along the way…I couldn’t have done this without her.

I’m so glad my friend encouraged me to reach out to ADO…it’s been life changing!

Karyn Johnson