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Kate Simon

“Working with Tara has helped take my fitness journey to the next level. While I have always been into health + fitness to some degree, connecting with Tara has enhanced what I thought I already knew about my fitness journey, and has helped me improve in ways I didn’t think were possible for my body. In just 3 short months, I saw dramatic improvements in areas that I had previously plateaued. Her workouts are no joke, and her check-in’s are no fluff. If you want a coach to hold you accountable to higher standards and help give you “tough love” feedback that will ultimately give you the results you’ve always wanted, Tara is a perfect coach for you. Aside from the physical coaching though, Tara has really helped expand my mindset on my physique and the idea of competing. She is all about empowering her clients to make the best decisions for themselves, and makes sure that her clients understand that a positive mind and attitude are just as important as sticking to your plan. I’d highly recommend working with Tara if you’re ready to take your health + fitness goals to the next level.”  – Kate Simon