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Kayla Godfrey

My initial reason for contacting ADO Fitness was to get in shape for a vacation I had coming up. I was going to keep putting it o  until after the New Year, but knew that being in shape and  tness deep down was incredibly important to me, I wanted to feel better about myself and I  nally decided to stop making excuses and take action. Through the ADO Fitness page I submitted my interest and I was partnered up to work with Joey Guz.

From the get-go Joey was extremely quick and responsive and I could tell that ADO Fitness was going to be a great  t for me. My past relationship with dieting and exercise was to restrict my eating to around 1,200 calories a day and do at least an hour of cardio a day with minimal lifting. This was never long-lived and would be followed by periods of avoiding the gym and eating and drinking everything in sight.

Joey completely set out the plan for my macros and workouts and took all the thinking out of it for me.

My job was to execute what she laid out and I put my trust in her that the results would follow and that is exactly what happened. The amount of food I was able to consume kept increasing weekly and I was able to build my metabolic capacity up to over 2,200 calories a day, lifting 5 days a week, and minimal HIIT cardio. Not only have I been amazed at the physical progress I have made, but mentally I have never had a better relationship with food and exercise. I no longer view foods as good and bad, I have learned how to properly fuel my body, and if I want a particular food item I can have it!

My confidence and self-worth have transformed along with the physical transformation and all of this was made possible because of Joey. Her wealth of knowledge surrounding nutrition and  fitness, as well as the genuine support she gives her clients is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I would highly recommend ADO Fitness and Joey as a trainer and do so daily to anyone that asks me about my  fitness journey. I cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she has made on my life!

– Kayla Godfrey