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Kelly Newton

I have always been “in shape”, but never got my body to a level of leanness where true definition showed through. In Jan 2015, I decided I wanted to take my body to the next level and compete. I reached out to a local IFBB pro who put me on the typical low-calorie “bro-diet”, with minimal food options, a training schedule and fasted and post-workout cardio regimen. I I didn’t know any better so naturally, I loved the process. It was the first time in my life I had ever actually dieted, especially with such strict protocol…. So, I lost weight FAST. The biggest issue was the lack of direction or protocol for what I was supposed to do post-show. I saw Instagram posts of people purchasing a ton of post-show treats, and I followed suit. 1After 15lbs gained and 1 week later, I hopped right back on my bro-diet for another bikini prep. I was overtraining and undereating, which eventually forced my body into overdrive. I couldn’t stop losing weight. The week of my 2nd show, I could barely get out of bed. My body was so weak, and I was the thinnest I had ever been. I knew I couldn’t continue down this path, especially if I wanted to go onto Nationals. I decided that this break would be a good time to test the waters with a new approach. I had heard of the term “IIFYM” (aka flexible dieting) and wanted to give that a whirl. I wanted to be able to have my cake and eat it too. I found a coach on IG that had a lot of followers, and lots of photos of post-workout donuts (yet was shredded). While I enjoyed the new approach to eating and the carb cycling protocol—I did not feel that I was given the information or support I needed to continue down this path. My intake was still pretty low, my cardio and training never changed (still high from before show) and I didn’t get much feedback from progress check ins.

I was determined to compete at the national level so I started working out with a new trainer, which eventually put me on their own bro-diet and supplement protocol. While that started out great (I loved the new training programs), as I neared 3 months out, my cardio increased, the hours of training increased, and the advice to use AAS came into play. It got to the point where I hated going to the gym. I decided to stop prepping because my body and mind just could not handle the pressure. On my own accord, I also stopped dieting and training, and in turn, gained 25 pounds in the course of 5 months. I was unhappy and miserable. I couldn’t understand how I could go from never dieting and looking good, to dieting/training my ass off and looking lean and shredded, to then gaining more weight and body fat than I had BEFORE I ever started a prep. I needed to get my eating, body and mind back to a healthy place. This is where I turned to ADO Fitness.

I had followed Amber and her teams journey on Instagram and felt relief to know I wasn’t alone on this rollercoaster of restriction, bingeing, guilt trips, etc. In April of 2016, I started a program with Trista Anderson. Trista carefully monitored my intake and made suggestions based on my hectic lifestyle, yet keeping my goals in mind. She kept my training and cardio protocols realistic and macros at healthy levels, all throughout my cut. Needless to say, I was able to lose all the extra weight I had gained, and make significant changes in my “problem” areas. At the end of my cut, I was on higher macros than what I had started out at on my first competition. My body looks better than it did on an actual show-prep—ALL while practicing flexible dieting and at a higher weight. I did not restrict any food groups, nor did I over-train or do endless hours of cardio. I also ate out often and had weekly high carb days which eventually turned into one- untracked meal a week. Trista was compassionate and understanding. While I learned SO much from her in regards to nutrition and training, the biggest take away has been a peaceful mind and balance. I cannot stress enough how much Trista and ADO saved my life. I am forever grateful for their transparency, compassion and support.

-Kelly Newton, IG: @kelly_newton1