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Kristen Brown

After months and months, Okay, more like a year of following Coach Jen and ADO Fitness on social media I finally decided to reach out to Amber and she put me in the hands of Jen. May of 2016 That’s when my life started to change…. we’re almost to the year and a half mark since I’ve began working with Coach Jen and during this time I have lost just over 50lbs. Took 1st place in my two bikini classes (competing was something I never planned on doing. Nor did I ever have a desire to do it) but, more than any of that, I have an amazing and healthy relationship with food. I have a confidence that I never knew was inside me. The girl who would avoid summer activities because she wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts, let alone a bikini, now can’t wait for summer activities! Jen changed my world. She literally saved me from self destruction with little knowledge about nutrition, meal timing and proper exercise. Who would have thought that doing a crap ton of cardio and hardly eating wouldn’t help you shed those pounds? Hmmm. I know this all sounds super cliche, but it’s the truth. Jen is beyond amazing. She is so acknowledgeable, caring, supportive, encouraging and honest. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and that’s why she is one of my best investments.” 

– Kristen Brown