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Kristen Castellan 

Macro Plan For: Kristen Castellan
Height: 5ft 8in
Age: 26
Weight: Lost 10lbs
Goal: Body Composition changes


“When I started this process, I had certainly done my research and I chose ADO based on their philosophy and client outcomes. However, I didn’t know that I was going to have the life-changing experience that it’s been thus far. Working with Suzie has surpassed every expectation that I had. I have past experience with macro counting however I had no idea what my body is truly capable of until now.  I have been completing a reverse diet and have still lost almost 10 pounds while eating more food than I ever have before. I never could have predicted that I would be where I am right now and I believe that Suzie has been a large part of that. Sure, you have to follow your macros and put in the work day in and day out, but it’s so much more motivating knowing you have someone who truly cares about you and your progress on the other side rooting you on. I honestly don’t think that there are the right words to express my gratitude for Suzie. I feel like I am working with someone who is genuinely invested in me. I am so excited to continue this journey with ADO and Suzie.”