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Louie Bernabei

Throughout my entire life I always been in sports. Jr high & high school I wrestled and through that I developed a nice physique (at least in my eyes). After high school I started my career as a carpentry and working out religiously. Throughout my 20’s my life was work, working out and eating like a horse. I was lucky enough to have met my wife at the gym in my late 20’s. From there we both continued working out to this day. Now being in construction and thinking I was superman when working out, I managed to screw up both rotator cuffs. Being young, in construction and not properly trained can do that.  Mid 30’s I had suffered lower back trauma at work and developed a complete tear with my left rotator cuff.

Regardless of injuries I continued to think I was superman while working out and eating like a horse. In 2014 my injuries caught up to me. Both rotator cuffs where 100% torn. Left bicep was 80% torn. Had a lot of trouble just walking up the stairs due to my lower back injury. May & December of 2015 I had both shoulders and bicep repaired. Rehab was no doubt very tough mentally and physically. Although I stopped eating like a horse, I still ate when I wanted and what I wanted. My thought was I’ll diet once I’m able to fully get back into the gym. Middle of 2016 I was able to fully workout again. Nothing like before but with full range of motion. At least that’s what I thought. I tried serval online workout programs and countless different ways to diet but nothing worked. I never really got that killer workout feeling and I couldn’t stop eating. After the 2016 holiday’s is when it all came to a head.  I really noticed I was making poor eating decisions and not working out properly. Nor was I working out with any purpose or drive.  I’m 5’6” and was weighing 180 pounds with 25% body fat. I was developing skin rashes throughout my body due the poor eating I was doing. 

Beginning of 2017 my wife found Amber (ADO Fitness). I had my reservations about being trained by a women trainer but we both agreed to do a 3-month program with her. My thought was I can always find someone else once the 3 months was up if I wasn’t satisfied with her. We reached out to her separately. Within hours she gotten back to us. Very kind and professional! I gave her my history and explained what I was HOPING FOR. Key words. Hoping for. I didn’t have much faith going into this being all the countless crash and burn programs/diets I tried before her. She explained IN DETAIL how she can help and what to do. I can tell she really cared and was very knowledgeable. So I signed up asap for the 3 months. Right away she got me on my own custom tailored program. Not no mass/generic program for any/everybody to use (which separates her from most typical online trainers) Within that 3 months, we working on my range of motion (for my shoulders), proper workout form, technique, etc and of course dieting. She got me started on my reverse diet asap. Within the first 1 ½ months, I got rid of all that dead weight/fat. From 180 to 170 pounds. By the end of my 3 months’ program, I was at 164 pounds. Lean and mean!! At no point did she starve me or deprive me of proper nutrition. I learned to eat clean and correct portions for someone my size. My skin even cleared up due to my new dieting.  At that point I knew I had the right trainer and extended my program with her for another 6 months. So did my trophy wife.

Fast forward to today. 3 months later. 6/21/2017. I’m 168-169 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I started out with macro count of 119P/214C/63F=1899 calories. My current macro count is 245P/390C/96F=3404 calories. MY body fat is 13% from 25%. I get 3 refeeds a month (1 each week) and 1 untracked macro day once a month.  My goal is to be at 170-172 pounds so my macro count will only get better! I’m not doing any shows, competitions or anything. I’m doing this to better my life and to set a good example for my 3 boys.

Now don’t get me wrong here. This was not easy at all and I’m sure it’s still going to be tough. I struggled big time!!! I have a HUGE sweet tooth (thus why I get 1 untrack macro day) and struggle a lot with that. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up. More than I want to share. At times Amber seemed to be my physiatrist more than my trainer. She takes the time to listen, encourage and motivate. She reminds me that this isn’t a dieting thing. It’s a life style improvement. There is no magic pill/bottle and I’ll only get out of it what I put into it. Awhile she’s running her business, maintaining a career, being a new mom and having a family. She’s extremely knowledgeable! I finally having killer workouts due to the programs she sets up for me. Again, custom tailored for me. Not no mass/generic program for anybody/everybody.

There’s no doubt my wife and I are in a much better place mentally and physically because of her. We both plan on being with for a long time. The best part is my wife looks more amazing then the day I married her!