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Luisa Moody

So my daughter gave me her weekend “bucket list” yesterday, and the first thing she said was go swimming! (They have been talking about bucket lists at school )

Now normally I would find ANY excuse for not going to a pool with a bunch of people at it, but not this time!! For once I was ready to get in a swimsuit. THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me have better self confidence! Thank you for aiding in building More family memories!

But for sure what has been nice is having both my mom (world’s biggest critic) and my aunt (young, fun, fit) tell me that this is the best they have ever seen me!! I told them that I have an amazing coach, that has completely changed my mindset and helped me get here

It’s funny because I have had so many friends ask me lately if I’ve cut out carbs or what I am doing. I love responding and telling them that I am eating a ridiculous amount of carbs and very little cardio, with LOTS of weights!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lifestyle change and the way it makes me feel, and think about myself!!!!

So excited about this whole process!!!

I can’t say thank you enough for helping me out and helping me change my appearance, but most of all my mind!!!! You have no clue how much that has improved!