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Lynn Alloy

Kristen has transformed my life!  At the age of 52 I decided to compete in my first bikini competition. Prior to Kristen I worked with a coach that was demeaning, belittling and only wanted me to eat and do as she said and criticized me for asking questions.  


At the competition I met another competitor who raved about her coach.  We were in Northern Virginia and the coach lived in Arizona.  I was skeptical due to the distance but since she spoke so highly of Kristen I figured what could I lose.   I contacted Kristen and asked to speak with her on the phone to see if she was what I was looking for.  I was shocked that she only required a one month commitment and encouraged questions and genuinely wanted to teach me.  She said if you feel comfortable after one month you can decide whether you want to continue or go it alone.  After our brief initial call I knew Kristen was for me.  What could I lose with just a one month commitment.  After one month I knew I wanted more.  I had learned so much about macros and weight training that I was just craving more.  I was feeling better and was starting to see changes.  I was motivated and constantly encouraged despite setbacks.  Kristen is so authentic and inspiring – you can view her daily on Instagram, Snapchat and every week now on YouTube.   Although I live in the D.C. area I feel like I really know Kristen!


I am constantly asked what I have done to transform my body and have referred at least 4 clients to Kristen, including my 17 year old daughter that worked with Kristen for a few months, lost 20 pounds and has maintained it for a year now.  Kristen not only transformed my life but also my daughter’s.  


At the age of 53 I am inspired by Kristen to become certified by Precision Nutrition and possibly continue on to a personal training certification.  Thank you Kristen!  You cannot go wrong with Kristen for guiding you in achieving your health and fitness goals!!!! She is the BEST!