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Nicole Abney

” I began training with Meagan in April 2016. When I came to her, I had recently put on more weight than ever before in my life. I was completely overwhelmed when it came to figuring out how to lose the weight – so, I decided to try something new and reached out to Meagan. Meagan began our online training together by getting to know me personally. She inquired about my goals, my likes and dislikes, my personal history, experience, and so on. Meagan then developed individualized training and meal plans for me. Through the months of training, Meagan has always been willing to tweak training and meal plans to better fit my schedule, interests, and taste buds. Meagan is so creative and fun with the plans and regimens she develops; I never found myself bored or dissatisfied and I was always exposed to something new. I fully believe that her dedication, to creating fun, effective plans that are tailored to my personal tastes and present needs, is greatly responsible for the enormous progress I have made with my fitness.

One of my favorite elements of Meagan’s personal training technique is that she is continuously checking in with you. She has always been available to give pep talks or tough love or advice. She acknowledges the mental and emotional aspects of training and is always encouraging and strengthening your mental game for your fitness journey (and let’s be honest, for life). She dedicatedly fills her social media with tips, information, and motivation; she shares genuine, transparent, inspiring posts about her own personal fitness journey. Meagan is fully devoted to her clients as a trainer. She is concerned about your unique person as a whole – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Meagan gives 110% as a personal trainer and inspires you, as a client, to do the same. Together, we have transformed my body and mindset completely.

I have trained with Meagan for the past 10 months and I intend to continue to do so. While I have lost the initial weight that brought me to Meagan, the whole experience has inspired me to continuously revisit and revamp my fitness goals! My transformation and success have proven Meagan to be undeniably versatile and highly knowledgeable as a trainer. She keeps me challenged and accountable. I am so very excited to continue my journey with Meagan! “

– Nicole Abney (April 2016 – February 2017)