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Oanh Ngo

I have always been active in running, lifting, hiking and everything in between. However, I used my activity level to eat however I want. Deep down, I had never truly been happy with my physical appearance and wondered how I could be as active as I was and not look lean and in shape. I kept seeing Amber’s instagram page pop up on my feed, along with a lot ADO clients, and I was drawn to her coaching style because she seemed to really place the overall health of her clients first. I finally caved and contacted her after seeing that ADO works with lifestyle clients, not just bodybuilding competitors! Little did I know that would change my life forever. Dramatic, I know, but with the help of ADO, I have changed my entire outlook on food and how I view my body. Amber set me up with Jen in May 2016 and during that time, she has taught me that in order to take care of my body I needed to fuel it properly. Who knew that with the amount of activity I was doing I actually wasn’t eating enough or the right proportions of nutrients! It wasn’t an easy process getting over the mental barrier of eating more to look better but I put my trust in Jen and she has helped me to conquer those fears. I have a newfound confidence in myself and love for my body no matter how it looks! As a bonus, I was able to get over my stage fright and pursued competing, which I had always admired in others but something I really never thought I could do! Two shows later, and I am hooked! Bodybuilding is an extreme, but I can wholeheartedly stand behind ADO for still placing my health first. Prepping for a bodybuilding show goes hand in hand with hunger but with the aid of flexible dieting, I never really did have any cravings during or after my shows because flexible dieting has allowed me to eat pretty much everything I wanted within reason. Jen also made sure to have a post-show plan in place in order to prevent the dreaded sudden weight gain that is all too common in the body building world associated with binge eating due to overly restrictive diets.


I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about Jen and the rest of team ADO. Jen has been very quick to respond to my emails and texts, even with having a baby in the middle of my competition prep! She has been very supportive and encouraging while still being honest and objective. If you have ever considered hiring a nutrition coach, do not hesitate to contact ADO and ask all the questions you need to! Just because they are an internet-based coaching system does not mean there is lack of communication or support. I have been working with Jen for 18+ months now and not only have I changed my physique to one that I am proud of, I have learned to have more confidence in myself and love body in all of its stages. I also don’t fear food like I used to and actually look forward to having Jen increase my intake each week!


-Oanh Ngo