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Saige Eshelman

I sought out nutrition coaching from Amber after a friend of mine had recommended her coaching. I am an endurance athlete, running around 50 plus miles per week. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to Amber because I knew that she primarily consults with ladies prepping and competing in NPC Bikini shows, which is quite different than what my daily training regimen looks like. However, what I did have was a history of disordered eating (anorexia) and exercise bulimia. When I started working with Amber, I was at a point in my life where my body had recovered from the disordered eating both psychologically and physically. I remember feeling a sense of fear when I reached out to Amber. I feared that I would get rejected because of my past and the fact that I was not looking to compete. I was simply looking for help and guidance in finding a healthier lifestyle with eating and obtaining a leaner body type.

I decided to go with Amber for nutrition coaching because she was supportive of my personal goals. She definitely had some work set out for her though as I had no idea what “tracking” meant and how to do it appropriately. I understood what macros were, but didn’t have the slightest clue as to what my body needed. Amber helped me to understand this very quickly. Once I learned how to track my food, I realized that my daily calories were VERY LOW (around 1200-1400 calories a day). I had no idea that I was under-eating and the negative effects it was having on my body. I also had no idea that my diet was pretty much primarily carbohydrates. I averaged about 50g of protein a day, very little fat, and the rest of my diet was carbohydrates. My body was in a constant state of stress and although my weight was at the healthiest weight it has ever been, my hormones were all over the board. As a result, this was causing my body composition to change as stress and hormones play a huge role in body composition.

Once Amber helped me to understand that I was under eating, she was able to come up with an macro plan that allowed me to start where I was at and build up slowly. As an endurance athlete, my performance relies on nutrition and how and when I am fueling my body. This is an area of expertise for Amber. She is so incredibly knowledgeable and was able to teach me how to properly fuel my body with a health balance of fats, carbohydrates and protein. I have always feared fats. They’ve always made me feel super heavy and I had convinced myself that eating to many fats would slow me down while running. I was wrong. Amber helped me see that and understand how my body utilizes macros for fuel. I also learned that timing is everything with nutrition. This is something I never considered before and my workouts were suffering because I wasn’t eating smart. I now sandwich most of my carbohydrates around my workouts, which has brought me increased performance and faster recovery!! I am now eating about 2200 calories a day and still adding!! The more I eat, the faster I run and the more energy I have to execute my workouts. Not only that, but I have been told by family members and friends that I am “more pleasant” to be around. Well, no duh! I’m not starving anymore!!

Before coming to Amber, I seriously thought I had my nutrition all figured out and truly believed I was healthy. Again, I was wrong! I am so thankful for finding Amber. Although I only working with her for 3 months, my body and my mind made huge transformations in those 3 months. I am happier as a result of fueling my body better, I’m performing better in my sport and I feel more balanced overall. Amber has been a HUGE inspiration and a great representation of health and having a balanced lifestyle. She has made a lasting impact on my health and the way in which I live my life more than I think she knows. She is truly a gem and no matter what you might be going through, she’ll support you on your journey to obtaining your goal.

Thank you so much Amber!!