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Stacey Huiras

Name : Stacey Huiras
Current Age: 31
Current Height: 5’6”
Starting Weight: 139.8 lbs.
Current Weight: 132.4lbs
Goals: Body composition changes, increased muscle tone
Plan: Full Nutrition Plan transitioned to Macro Plan


I reached out to ADO Fitness initially in the fall of 2016 to get some more information about their services. Earlier in the year I had prepped for a bikini competition with a different coach as an item to cross off of my bucket list. During that time I had fallen IN LOVE with the training aspect of competing, but absolutely hated being up on that stage. My shy, quiet, and introverted self just didn’t like all the attention and costs that comes with competing. Unfortunately my previous coach didn’t give me the tools I needed to really embrace and succeed with the IIFYM lifestyle, so after I finished working with him I pretty much ended up right back where I started with my physique. I thought the only way that I could get back on track to reach my goals was to train for another competition on my own using the same training plan my previous coach had laid out for me. However, after attempting to do it on my own for several weeks I came to the realization that I didn’t want to compete, I just wanted to find something that was sustainable in regards to both exercise and nutrition that could still help me reach my goals. Plus I just couldn’t handle eating any more plain chicken or egg whites! Fast-forward to March 2017 and I reached out to ADO again. I had seen various Instagram posts from the ADO coaches and their clients and was so impressed with what I saw: people eating REAL food and not having to train in the gym for hours upon hours. I am an Occupational Therapist, so I whole-heartedly believe in finding balance when it comes to approaching overall health and wellness, and these ADO coaches seemed to have it figured out perfectly! So I began working with coach Suzie Rice in April 2017 with a goal to tone-up/increase my muscle definition.


Suzie is an AMAZING coach! She immediately recognized that I was undereating and overtraining. Even though at this point we were just working on the meal plans/nutritional package, she offered some helpful advice that I should cut back on steady state cardio and only do a few 20-minute HIIT session per week because the extra cardio I was doing was not helping me. With the first meal plan that she sent me I was shocked to see HOW MUCH food I got to eat! And it wasn’t your typical “bodybuilder” food…it was REAL FOOD! I was also impressed with the variety of food in that meal plan and the meal plans that followed it. We started working on a reverse diet and I noticed my body responding immediately – Who knew that what my body was really craving was more food, not less?!? I lost weight and tightened up practically overnight, all while eating more food than I have in a very long time! I also drastically reduced my cardio averaging only about 60 minutes per week…this lead me to the realization of how much I hate cardio and how much I love lifting! I eventually switched to making my own meal plans using the IIFYM principles, with Suzie setting my macros for me each week.


Let me tell you this: Suzie really knows her stuff! She taught me to use the food I eat as fuel for my workouts and now I am eating so much food that there is no need to binge as I am able to incorporate my favorite foods into my daily plan. She also does an excellent job of answering all of my MANY questions and explains the reasoning behind any changes in the plan, along with the what’s and why’s of what we are doing.

One of the most powerful message she ever sent me was this:

“In this country you have to be very intentional in learning about nutrition because there are scams and quick fixes everywhere unfortunately. Growing up, especially as women, we are taught that the way to stay slim is by not eating and to do a ton of cardio when that couldn’t be further from the truth! I truly enjoy your questions and I hope you do learn from this process and can pass it on to your kids!”

I have already learned SO MUCH from Suzie and am looking forward to learning even more from her! I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! I will definitely pass on this new-found knowledge to my two daughters and teach them all about fitness, nutrition, and learning to find balance in their lives using the ADO Fitness approach!