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Stephanie Bonilla 

“Well Tara I’m feeling super motivated 🙂 no, I totally get what you mean.. I’ve grown so much.. I wasn’t eating very much before and couldn’t even look at myself honestly. I was eating less than 1200 calories “eating clean” and bingeing on the weekends. I’ve had refeeds every week and I know it’s because my body has been responding really well. I kinda feel bad for neglecting my body for so long. I was starving it to death honestly. I had constant headaches and was tired ALL THE TIME.  And like I said before my weight would fluctuate so much I was 145 at one point. I’ve come a long way physically and especially mentally. I could honestly cry at how I was feeling before all of this. It’s not like I hated myself before but sometimes I would just break down and cry because of the way I felt. I honestly can’t believe I’m eating this much and still dropping. Every time I step on the scale I step on it like 3 times cause surely I’m not in the 130s but I am and I still can’t believe it! Lol. I tried for months to drop this weight and it kept on and stayed on. And increasing fats is a gift from God hahaha. I’m not a sweets persons but I could go for some fats hahaha! Anyway, I feel really good and thank you for being so encouraging! I love it. “  Stephanie Bonilla