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Your Sustainably Fit Pregnancy Plan

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Welcome to the most fulfilling journey of your life! Whether you are newly pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, have been pregnant before or have just had your little bundle of joy, this plan will promote the healthiest version of you possible. Catherine Holland Gorshe and I have written an in depth collaboration to bring you our personal and very candid pregnancy experiences. We are excited to show you how it IS possible to feel good and remain fit while pregnant! Both of us had our babies just three weeks apart from one another and are excited to walk you through how we navigated each trimester. You will get to see our in depth compilation of what we both did with our own nutrition and workouts. We’ll also share how to navigate exercise during the weeks when energy may be lacking, along with healthy and nutritious alternatives while combating potential food aversions. Any guess-work with nutrition and exercise you might encounter has been eliminated, allowing you to be confident about your changing body – inside and out! Designed to begin at any phase of pregnancy, this plan will help you with your macronutrients needs, as well as workout program design. The purpose is to make this pregnancy plan sustainable, meaning you are able to eat and exercise in a way that keeps you healthy, supports your fit pregnancy goals, accommodates your busy lifestyle, and can be maintained for life. We want you to enjoy feeling fit throughout your pregnancy, which will set yourself up for an amazing post-pregnancy body comeback! 

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  • 10 Sample Meal Plans, 3-4 plans per trimester. You will get to see our personal food journals and the foods we chose to eat.
  • Food Aversions. Both of us struggled with this to some extent. You will be able to see how we navigated around those and survived the first trimester!
  • Morning Sickness and Food Cravings. We discuss our symptoms and snack alternatives for coping in a way that won’t derail your fit pregnancy goals!
  • Grocery list essentials broken down by macronutrient. Pick and choose a wide variety according to your taste! Vegetarian and Vegan options provided.
  • Supplement Suggestions. A list of everything we took before and during pregnancy.
  • 25 of our favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes!
  • Foods to promote an easier and faster delivery
  • 40 weeks of workouts you can safely perform in each trimester. All are flexible enough to be performed at the gym or in home! We’ll also discuss how and when to increase or decrease the intensity.
  • Video library of pregnancy exercises and workouts that can be performed at home, outdoors or in the gym.
  • Motivation to remain fit!
  • Diastis Recti prevention and exercises to avoid.
  • Pregnancy Back Ache prevention and coping mechanisms.
  • Stretch Mark Prevention
  • Body Image. We address our struggles and how we both were able to embrace and love our changing bodies.
  • Workout and nutrition tips specific for labor

Private Facebook Access. This a great place to connect with other women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or thinking about conceiving, as well as with those who have recently given birth. Here you can lend and receive support, share challenges and successes, recipes, birth stories and other helpful advice. Encourage and hold one another accountable as you progress through the plan. This is also a fun and safe place to share your baby bump progress photos! We will be there to check in on you and can’t wait to see your pictures and read your future birth stories. We are stronger together!

2 reviews for Your Sustainably Fit Pregnancy Plan

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dani B

    Amber coached me with reverse dieting and improving my metabolism about a year ago! She improved my health and relationship with food so much… but also recovered my wrecked metabolism. Now I am about to start IVF. I knew that I definitely wanted all the advice i could get from her on pregnancy, so i purchased her ebook! Man is it incredible! I had such success with her coaching before. Her number one goal isnt to get all of her clients to 2% body fat, but it’s to get us all to a healthy state. I trust her whole heartedly to walk me through this next stage in my life with not only my health in mind but my future baby bump too. I will be using every bit of info in this book. Thank you Amber for putting this out there for pregnant women. There is so much info out there, it’s refreshing to know that I have one place to go for info that I couldn’t possibly trust more.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The main reason i wanted to get this book is because I’m having twins and also have gone through the IVF process. As Amber continuously mentions, the medications can cause weight gain and make it harder to stay on track. I purchased this ebook yesterday and have already almost read it cover to cover! It is worth the investment, no matter what type of health level you are starting at. I was able to meal prep today and am excited to say I’ve gone the full day without nausea.

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