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Challenge Details

Challenge Details

What’s included in our ADO Challenges? See all things challenge below. Some of the information is subject to change. All information below is based off our 2021 SPRING Challenge


  • 6 Week Challenge is designed to:
    • Cut & Strengthen
    • Keep your heart rate elevated in its optimal fat burning zone at 65% – 85% of your maximum heart rate
    • Develop positive habits that yield positive results. It is intended as a launch pad for long term sustainability
  • Resistance band workouts with exercise video demonstration
  • Nutrition guidance and meal plan suggestions
  • Goal setting and achieving exercise
  • Weekly live videos including macro and nutrition set up before the challenge begins
    Support via closed facebook groupNote: facebook closed group will be used as a communication platform. It is not mandatory to participate
  • Daily emails with instruction, tips, and announcements
  • Prizes Include:

1st Place:  $3000 + $200 Gift Card to Protea Nutrition

2nd Place:  $1000 + $100 Gift Card to Protea Nutrition

3rd Place:  $500 Gift Card to Briabella Boutique

4th Place:  $400 Gift Certificate to Drip Fit / LivBTR

5th Place: $300 Gift Certificate to Icon Meals

6th Place:  $150 Gift Certificate to Fokken Nuts 



  • Resistance band workouts with exercise video demonstration
    • 5 workouts per week:  75 total circuits:  Each circuit has 3 exercises
    • 4 rounds of each circuit 
    • Each circuit has exercise video demonstration
    • Designed using the LMH System
    • Every workout ends with one BURNOUT and/or Finishers
    • Metabolic Conditioning Circuit for each workout
  • Progression is based on:
    • Increasing resistance week to week
    • Decreasing rest time between exercises
    • Decreasing rest time between circuits


  • Guide to determine and set up your macros
  • Macro calculator provided for custom macro adjustments
  • Meal plan examples
  • Food option list
  • Approved condiment list
  • Live video tutorial to walk you through nutrition set up
  • NOTE: we use My Fitness Pal to track 


  • Email
    • Daily emails that provide workout insight, guidance, tips, and announcements
  • Instagram
    • Post your challenge pictures and videos
  • Facebook
    • Community support form all the ADO Coaches and members of the Challenge group
    • Weekly live Q/A videos 

What you need to participate

  • Full body resistance band set
  • Loop band
  • Slider discs
  • 199.99 (challenge only)
  • 40% off each piece of equipment needed (11 pc set, Loop Band, Slider Disc)
  • NOTE:  you do not have to purchase equipment if you already have it

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