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Real Nutrition for Men & Women

Protea and Protea/M Nutrition Products

Real nutrition via non-gmo, vegan, artificial and preservative free supplements

Amber Dawn Orton - Founder of Protea Nutrtition

Our Story

I, Amber Dawn Orton, am a mother and accomplished fitness industry professional who is passionate about leading an authentically healthy lifestyle. My background is in business and economics but I transitioned to full time personal training and dove into the fitness industry after I started competing in 2010. 

After extensive misguided nutrition and training advice throughout my competition preps, I was left with an unhealthy relationship with food and a damaged endocrine system. My real passion developed through helping myself and others reach their fitness goals in a truly HEALTHY way. Knowing I wanted to have children, I decided to stop competing and seek out an endocrinologist and hormone specialist in 2013/2014. 

These hardships really pushed forward my mission is to put true health back into the fitness industry. I began healing and restoring my body to a healthy state through proper nutrition and balanced exercise. I realized along the way there were many supplement brands on the market that were either performance based or holistically formulated. There wasn’t much that was appealing to both realms with true intentional ingredients that wouldn’t harm long term health. 

This is how Protea Nutrition was born. I have built all of my businesses on the idea that true health starts at the cellular level and I am a big advocate in natural medicinal medicine, organic nutritional choices, and long term sustainable dieting methods. The fitness industry is NOT the health industry and I am determined to change that.