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Kelly Newton

Coach Trista was compassionate and understanding. While I learned SO much from her in regards to nutrition and training, the biggest take away has been a peaceful mind and balance.

Sam Clore

Coach Amber and ADO Fitness truly do believe in balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be.


ADOFitness has worked with thousands of individuals and witnessed many fantastic transformations since its creation in 2013. Interested in finding a trainer thats right for you? Click on the trainer's name below to view the individuals testimonials they have specifically helped transform.

Customer Reviews

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

Hundreds of success stories!

I would highly recommend Tara to anyone looking to finally get their ideal body! I've tried a lot of different techniques with my diet and nutrition but never was able to get the type of results that I did while working with Tara!

Kassandra Brady

Coached by Tara

Pictures are attached! They are the first ones a sent you exactly a year ago (3 months post baby)m And then last weeks!! It was so cool to see those comparisons!!!

I can't believe rm eating 2300 calories and still losing weight! This is so awesome!f As macros go up people keep saying "you look so lean!" Haha! Even my husband last night goes "your eating again?!" Bahaha!!! Love it! Thank you so much for helping me get my body back post baby wit out putting my health at risk!

Crystal Parker

Coached by Amber

Let me start by saying that I am not a  fitness competitor, just a regular 38 (almost 39) year-old woman who simply likes to work out. Growing up, I was an active child, did sports in high school, began lifting weights before I entered college, and loved to run. I’ve kept at it my entire life, but over the last few years, I started to feel like my body was not responding as well as it used to and that changes were not coming as easily. I had ramped up my cardio to at least 60 minutes a day (longer on Saturdays when I would go for long 10-13 mile runs), and was lifting weights 5-6 days a week. I didn’t eat junk: I haven’t touched fast food or fried food in years. I’m mostly vegetarian and don’t eat gluten and a whole host of other things due to food allergies (yes, I’ve been tested by a doctor).

Needless to say, I thought I was doing everything right and was becoming frustrated that I seemed to be working out all the time and was still not where I wanted to be physically. One day, I decided things had to change; I had to do something different. After following Amber Dawn Orton on Instagram (@mishkadawn) for over a year, I  finally reached out to inquire about her coaching through ADO Fitness. I was always impressed with the ADO way of approaching  fitness. Amber would share the highs and lows, the good days and the her posts of all sorts of foods showed me she didn’t believe in depriving. As a hard- core foodie who loves to explore cuisines and enjoys well-prepared meals, I liked this! So I reached out...and I am so glad I did.

Amber set me up with one of her coaches, Jennifer Binder, who had a similar active background and was also on the taller side, like me. J After completing several very thorough intake forms on my nutrition, current workouts, and goals, Jennifer sent me my  rst Workout and Macro plans. Right away, she identi ed that I was overtraining and actually eating into my own muscle stores. Who knew? Jennifer cut my cardio dramatically and increased my food intake (reverse dieting) which was completely foreign – and somewhat terrifying – for me.

The  rst workouts were nothing too intimidating; they included several di erent types of weights and HIIT training than what I was doing, and in di erent combinations. I thought, “I can do this”! As for the Macro eating plans...well, those were new to me. I had taken several nutrition courses while in college, so I knew what macronutrients were, but I had never applied this style of eating (IIFYM) to my diet. It was a huge change at  rst – I was way under-eating protein before and couldn’t  gure out how to get all this extra protein in my diet – but I trusted Jennifer to lead me in the right direction.

I began meal planning and getting creative with alternative protein sources. It took a little getting used to, but I was determined to follow her plans.

Each week, after I sent Jennifer my progress pics, she would update my macro targets to get my body to respond. Let me say, Jennifer really knows what she’s doing! I’ve only lost about 4 pounds since I’ve started my ADO Fitness journey, but I’ve lost 2 inches o  my waist, almost an inch o  my thighs and I’m building in all the right places (the booty!). Plus, my body is noticeably di erent. Overall, I’m a lot leaner, tighter, toned, and dare I say, ripped! And as coaches go, Jennifer has been awesome! I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t had doubts or bad days; the reverse dieting phase can really play tricks on your mind when you see the scale, but Jennifer was always there to let me vent, to o er encouragement and words of wisdom. I am so glad I reached out that day and I’m extremely grateful for all that Jennifer has helped me to achieve so far. Through Jennifer’s coaching and guidance, this regular girl is seeing a whole new  tter version of herself come through!

Ixiim Flores

Coached by Jennifer

I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You helped me learn that food is not the enemy and that I never have to starve myself to look a certain way. You helped me gain a TON of self confidence and helped me learn to love myself and learn to love what my body is capable of doing rather than being obsessed with how much I weigh or with having shredded 6 pack abs all year round.

You and all of ADO fitness got me on the right track and allowed me to get into a place where I truly feel amazing due to the endless support and motivation I received.

Please feel free to use any emails and/or what I wrote above. I hope you are doing well and I really mean it when I say you changed my life. Thanks girl!

Ashley Barlett

Coached by Joey

Kristen has transformed my life!  At the age of 52 I decided to compete in my first bikini competition. Prior to Kristen I worked with a coach that was demeaning, belittling and only wanted me to eat and do as she said and criticized me for asking questions.

At the competition I met another competitor who raved about her coach.  We were in Northern Virginia and the coach lived in Arizona.  I was skeptical due to the distance but since she spoke so highly of Kristen I figured what could I lose.   I contacted Kristen and asked to speak with her on the phone to see if she was what I was looking for.  I was shocked that she only required a one month commitment and encouraged questions and genuinely wanted to teach me.  She said if you feel comfortable after one month you can decide whether you want to continue or go it alone.  After our brief initial call I knew Kristen was for me.  What could I lose with just a one month commitment.  After one month I knew I wanted more.  I had learned so much about macros and weight training that I was just craving more.  I was feeling better and was starting to see changes.  I was motivated and constantly encouraged despite setbacks.  Kristen is so authentic and inspiring – you can view her daily on Instagram, Snapchat and every week now on YouTube.   Although I live in the D.C. area I feel like I really know Kristen!

I am constantly asked what I have done to transform my body and have referred at least 4 clients to Kristen, including my 17 year old daughter that worked with Kristen for a few months, lost 20 pounds and has maintained it for a year now.  Kristen not only transformed my life but also my daughter’s.

At the age of 53 I am inspired by Kristen to become certified by Precision Nutrition and possibly continue on to a personal training certification.  Thank you Kristen!  You cannot go wrong with Kristen for guiding you in achieving your health and fitness goals!!!! She is the BEST!

Lynn Alloy

Coached by Kristen

Meagan has really taught me lifestyle especially as it pertains to food. I never realized I wasn't eating enough to fuel both my running and my lifting. I never thought I would be eating more to achieve my goals. I'm just overall a much happier, healthier, and stronger person from my training with Meagan!

Jessica Reagan

Coached by Meagan

Prior to meeting Tara Carlton, I did not have a good relationship with food or exercise. I grew up as an athlete, but suffered from anorexia during my Junior and Senior years of high school. At my worst, I was eating less than 800 calories a day and running for 60-90 minutes everyday. By my fourth year of college, I had “recovered” from the eating disorder but still had extremely disordered eating habits. I was eating 1400-1800 calories a day and running 40+ miles a week (marathon training). I had an intense fear of food and of gaining weight.

At that point, I had been following the sport of bodybuilding for about a year. So, one day I finally decided to make a change. I walked into a local gym where I met Tara. I told her that I wanted to do a figure competition. From the very beginning, Tara was honest about the process but enthusiastic and encouraging. We trained together in Eugene that summer. One of the very first things Tara did was set my macros. Seeing that I was so small from running, she warned me that I would have to eat a TON of food and do little to no cardio. Eventually, she had me eating over 2400 calories with weekly re-feeds and only one or two HIIT sessions a week. I finally felt like I had permission to eat and not run for countless hours. I felt amazing and had energy!

Coincidently, we both then moved to Portland, where we continued training for my first competition. Our two sessions were honestly the highlights of my week! Tara is the most positive person I have ever met and always pushes me to do my best and work harder. She is encouraging, responsive, and has a clear plan. Unfortunately, about nine months after we started working together, I had to take a break from my show prep in order to finish my senior thesis. Shortly after, I moved to Colorado and decided to start training again. I found a local bodybuilding team and decided to give it a try. That was a mistake... My new coaches had me eating nearly 200 g of protein and only 15 g of fat. I felt sick all of the time and was loosing my desire to compete. But then, Tara randomly reached out to me with the sweetest message, saying that she was thinking about me, believed in me, and hoped I had a great day. It was exactly what I needed at that moment! Long story short, I went back to Tara with ADOFitness! Cumulatively, I have now been working with Tara for almost 1 year and 9 months and am incredibly thankful for all that has done for me!

Tara is very knowledgeable and I trust her 100%. She not only transformed my physical health, but my mental health as well. With her help, I have repaired hormonal imbalances and gained a healthy mindset in regards to nutrition and exercise. If you are looking for a coach who truly cares about you, your goals, and your health, I highly recommend Tara and ADOFitness. In this world, there are certain people who have the ability to change your entire direction. Tara is someone who has completely changed my life! (Also... if you want a booty, Tara writes a killer glute workout!)

Annie Calhoun

Caoched by Tara

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for everything you have done for me.  You were always there for me to answer questions and keep me off of the ledge- you helped me to stick with it when I wanted to quit and told me to have patience and trust in the process - I did and have no doubt that I brought my best package to the stage as a result.  Thank you so very very much!!! You are the best-est!!!

Maria Gallanto

Coached by Trista

I started working with Amber late January 2017. I have always enjoyed  fitness and have been very interested in nutrition for the past 20 years. I had even competed in figure prior to starting a family. However, life happened and fitness went by the wayside for several years. I still was very in tune with the quality of food that I was eating just not the quantity. I was ready to get back into shape ! Being a working mom of 2 I wanted to maximize my time and effort and that's where I knew I needed the help.

I started the 12 week reverse diet macro plan and was extremely happy with the outcome. It was a challenge at first but I grew to love the discipline and knowing what I was putting into my body for fuel. Amber was very informative and supportive through the whole process, I loved how quickly she responded to check ins and how she constantly encouraged and educated throughout the whole process.  The education that I received from the program is absolutely priceless and a life long tool. The accountability that she provided is exactly what I needed. Amber is an exceptional coach!

Leslie Russell

Coached by Amber

After months and months, Okay, more like a year of following Coach Jen and ADO Fitness on social media I finally decided to reach out to Amber and she put me in the hands of Jen. May of 2016 That’s when my life started to change.... we’re almost to the year and a half mark since I’ve began working with Coach Jen and during this time I have lost just over 50lbs. Took 1st place in my two bikini classes (competing was something I never planned on doing. Nor did I ever have a desire to do it) but, more than any of that, I have an amazing and healthy relationship with food. I have a confidence that I never knew was inside me. The girl who would avoid summer activities because she wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts, let alone a bikini, now can’t wait for summer activities! Jen changed my world. She literally saved me from self destruction with little knowledge about nutrition, meal timing and proper exercise. Who would have thought that doing a crap ton of cardio and hardly eating wouldn’t help you shed those pounds? Hmmm. I know this all sounds super cliche, but it’s the truth. Jen is beyond amazing. She is so acknowledgeable, caring, supportive, encouraging and honest. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and that’s why she is one of my best investments.

Kristen Brown

Coached by Jennifer


AGE: 27



The best thing I ever did was tune everyone out and listen to you! Eyes on the prize! I'm so happy with how prep has gone for me, so many people expect me to feel like crap and I don't at all. Of course I don't love cardio but it has to be done and I'm just so happy I'm not doing 2 hours a day. I can't believe where I'm at now. I am so grateful!

Delaney Stein

Coached by Joey

I am extremely thankful for you. To give you an idea of just how far you have helped me come, looking back 15+ years (circa 2001 highschool grad) I struggled to break 180lbs. I wanted to be 190/200 and could never do it. Then around 2004/2005...I hit 190lbs fit. Then 200, 210....still fit. Then life caught up, I let myself go, and before I knew it, I had ballooned. Approximately 2010/2011, Jess and I were down at the beach, and I was standing by one of those "guess your weight" barkers, and I was curious....255 lbs. I was so embarrassed. Right then and there I promised myself to change. I started exercising again and slowly changed my diet. Slowly, I crept back down to 240ish. It was still an unhappy 240 though, so I kept on working out and eating healthier. Then Easter of this year Jess signed me up with you. I was apprehensive at first because of my schedule being so dynamic and downright ridiculous at times, and the adaptation was challenging at first to be honest; however, you made it so much easier than it could have been. Now at 205, I am amazed and confident. I am living, eating, and working healthy, and most of all I feel I am setting an example for my kids, that my parents didn't necessarily do for me. My father sadly passed away early, before he got to meet either of my kids, vice verse. So I want to do anything and everything in my power to be around as long as I can. You have helped me do this, and I am so excited to "keep on keepin on". So thank you for everything you do!!

Pete Lahourcade

Coached by Kristen

My name is Amanda Lineback and I have done two separate training challenges with Meagan. The first being a complete plan where my workouts as well as my meal plans were made for me and the second I was still given a specific work out plan to follow but I followed her “if it fits your macros” plan for the nutrition portion. Both were incredible, and I never felt deprived or fatigued during the day. I have lost pounds and inches, while gaining muscle and strength. She answers questions quickly and with knowledgeable, educated answers that she explains in detail. I fully respect and trust in her process and love my results, therefore I will be continuing to utilize her services in the future.

Amanda Lineback

Coached by Meagan

Well Tara I'm feeling super motivated :) no, I totally get what you mean.. I've grown so much.. I wasn't eating very much before and couldn't even look at myself honestly. I was eating less than 1200 calories "eating clean" and bingeing on the weekends. I've had refeeds every week and I know it's because my body has been responding really well. I kinda feel bad for neglecting my body for so long. I was starving it to death honestly. I had constant headaches and was tired ALL THE TIME.  And like I said before my weight would fluctuate so much I was 145 at one point. I've come a long way physically and especially mentally. I could honestly cry at how I was feeling before all of this. It's not like I hated myself before but sometimes I would just break down and cry because of the way I felt. I honestly can't believe I'm eating this much and still dropping. Every time I step on the scale I step on it like 3 times cause surely I'm not in the 130s but I am and I still can't believe it! Lol. I tried for months to drop this weight and it kept on and stayed on. And increasing fats is a gift from God hahaha. I'm not a sweets persons but I could go for some fats hahaha! Anyway, I feel really good and thank you for being so encouraging! I love it.

Stephanie Bonilla

Coached by Tara

So my daughter gave me her weekend "bucket list" yesterday, and the first thing she said was go swimming! (They have been talking about bucket lists at school)

Now normally I would find ANY excuse for not going to a pool with a bunch of people at it, but not this time!! For once I was ready to get in a swimsuit. THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me have better self confidence! Thank you for aiding in building More family memories!

But for sure what has been nice is having both my mom (world's biggest critic) and my aunt (young, fun, fit) tell me that this is the best they have ever seen me!! I told them that I have an amazing coach, that has completely changed my mindset and helped me get here

It's funny because I have had so many friends ask me lately if I've cut out carbs or what I am doing. I love responding and telling them that I am eating a ridiculous amount of carbs and very little cardio, with LOTS of weights!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lifestyle change and the way it makes me feel, and think about myself!!!!

So excited about this whole process!!!

I can't say thank you enough for helping me out and helping me change my appearance, but most of all my mind!!!! You have no clue how much that has improved!

Luisa Moody

Coached by Trista

Today I am still working with Joey and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She has helped me reach my goals and gone above and beyond.

Ryan Farrell

Coached by Joey