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Prep Package Competition Based

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Prep Package
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This package is for the individual looking for a coach for bodybuilding competition prep. We provide coaching for all bodybuilding divisions including Bikini, Figure, and Physique. We have clients who participate in almost every bodybuilding organization and can individualize your prep plan based off whatever your competition goals include. This package will include usage of text/email and accountability mechanisms.

Key Elements to package:

Diet Plan: Choice of specific nutrition plan or IIFYM/ Macro prep plan

Workout Plan: Tailored to your specific weekly needs and goals

Check In’s:

- Provided via email for accountability and frequent adjustments to plan.

  • Weekly Check ins until 8 weeks out
  • 2x/week check ins < 8 weeks out
  • Daily Check Ins via text < 10 days out.

Supplements: Recommendations on which supplements will benefit your specific needs.

Posing: Includes adjustments to posing routine, advice on areas for improvement via weekly check in pictures, and video critiques closer to show time

Show Day Preparation: Recommendations on tan, hotel, makeup, what to bring with you, etc.

* Team Events: Invited to all

* Team Sponsors: Access to exclusive discount codes for all team sponsors

* Assistance from entire ADO Fitness coaching team

Prep Package Pricing

12 weeks- $1425.00

16 weeks- $1600.00 ($300 discount)

20 weeks - $1825.00 ($550 discount)

24 weeks- $2100.00 ($750 discount)

32 weeks- $2275.00 ($1050 discount)

36 weeks- $2400.00 ($1575 discount)

** All packages can be broken up into monthly payments via autopay**

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