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You Don't Have to Eat Less, You Have to Eat Right

The Hippie Eats Cookbook & Hippie Eats Family Cookbook help you do just that!

Healthy noms from 2 hippie moms

Hippie Eats Cookbook

We made this book for you. But first, we made it for our families. We wanted a place, a book if you will, to keep our favorite recipes.

When anyone is sick or looking for a healthier alternative to old classics, we still get texts asking, "Hey Britt, what's that vegan potato soup recipe?" or "Hey Amber, how can I eat more plant-based?"

Whatever it is, we've got the recipes our loved ones love in this very book. And that's pretty special.

All recipes are original health-forward family favorites. These are meals we eat regularly. We've learned over the years how to prepare healthy, plant-heavy meals-- without sacrificing flavor. We hope you love these meals as much as we do.

Peace, love & plants, Brittany & Amber


Hippie Eats Contents

  • Introduction
  • Breakfast Noms
  • Smoothie Noms
  • Lunch & Dinner Noms
  • Beverage Noms
  • Holiday Noms
  • Sweet Noms
  • Grocery List Staples
  • Healthy Swaps & Nutrition Tips
  • Our Story
Delicious, Healthy Recipes

Delicious, Healthy Recipes

Hippie Eats Cookbook & Family Cookbook

Includes Bonus Hippie Kids & Eco-Kitchen Section 

Hippie Eats Family Cookbook

We are happy to feed you! It turns out our first and original Hippie Eats cookbook left folks craving even more. We're back and better than ever with brand new creations from the Hippie kitchen.Kick off your shoes, cozy up and get ready to cook the best tasting, health - conscious meals that'll fool your family and friends into thinking they are as sinful as their old time favorites.