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2023 Spring Challenge Workouts

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We are excited to unveil our newest feature - the option to incorporate dumbbells into your workouts! In addition, we are offering an advanced option for our more seasoned participants! 

Here's a snapshot of the Challenge:

  • 6 week banded only workout program focusing on isolated body parts each day
  • 6 week dumbbell and banded workouts program focusing on isolated body parts each day
  • Advanced workout option for more challenge, or to progress towards
  • 120 different supersets
  • Each superset is completed 3 times and designed to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Every superset/exercise has a video demonstration
  • Designed with 5 workout days and 2 rest days per week
  • PLUS: added plyometrics in each workout!

Equipment Needed (sold separately):

  • 11 Piece Resistance Band Set 
  • Loop band 
  • Slider Discs

For the dumbbell and band version, we recommend the equipment above as well as two sets of dumbbells - one lighter and one heavier pair.


  • Resistance band workouts with exercise video demonstration
  • Designed to keep your heart rate elevated in its optimal fat burning zone at 65% – 75% of your maximum heart rate
  • 5 workouts per week (6 Week Workout Program)
  • Over 120 supersets 
  • Each superset has 2 exercises with plyometric exercises and finishers
  • 3 rounds of each superset with 1 minute rest between rounds
  • Each exercise has exercise video demonstration

NOTE:  This product only includes the workouts. It does not include any other features from our challenge.

Workouts available for download immediately after purchase AND emailed within minutes to your purchase email.