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Tara Carlton



Hi, I’m Tara!  A crunchy girl from Oregon who thrives being outside in nature and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I love working out in the gym, but any chance that I get I take my workout outside whether it be on a hiking trail, snowboarding on the mountain, working in my garden, long walks by the river, doing yoga, or paddle boarding on the lake. I’ve always loved being active and playing many competitive sports growing up and throughout college. My identity was “athlete” but life threw me a curve ball and in 2012 I was diagnosed with Lupus. This diagnosis rocked my world, not only did it completely change the trajectory of my life, but it also taught me how precious life truly is, and that we shouldn’t waste a second of it. Lupus has taught me so much and it has become my mission to help others overcome obstacles within their lives and see the beauty that life truly has to offer. 

The last 10 years have been a journey and I have had to make some major shifts in my life to get my health back. My journey started as a collegiate track athlete and pole vaulter, to bikini competitor, to slowing down and finding what worked for my body in this new season.  During this time I completely transformed my diet, reduced stress not only my body but also my mind, and started taking a holistic approach to my health. With these changes I have seen major improvements in every area of my life and there is nothing I love more than sharing what I have learned with my clients and offering them a shortcut to taking their health back and creating the life they truly desire.  

I am extremely passionate about helping others take their power back and find confidence within themselves. We are such powerful beings, we just have to learn to unlock it! I help my clients transform their lives and their bodies through building healthy habits, fueling and moving their bodies, while doing deep transformational work that changes their lives forever. This inside out approach is my life purpose! 

About Tara

Show Credentials/PoleVault Credential  

2nd Place Open Bikini C - Washington Ironman 2014

2nd Place Open Bikini D - Seven Feathers Classic 2014

All American Track Athlete Pole Vault 2010 

All American Track Athlete 4x100 Relay 2010

NWAACC Pole Vault Champion 2012

All American Track Athlete Pole Vault 2012

Lane Community College Pole Vault School Record 3.61m 2012


I have really enjoyed working with Tara over the years! When I first started out, my main goal was to get my “ideal” body. After working with Tara, she has taught me so much more than just how to improve my physical health and body image. I’ve learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable towards the end of reverse diets, how to manage stress and sleep routines more effectively, and how to open up more with my emotions when life gets difficult. Tara has been such a great coach and friend in all aspects of my life!

Alex Hoffman

I've been working with Tara Carlton for 12-weeks and within those 12-weeks we have increased my calories and I'm fueling my body appropriately. She has been responsive, understanding and kind, and realistic (which is so important!) with helping me reach my goals. She has taken the time to answer all my questions (I have/had a lot 😊) and educate me about nutrition and timing of nutrition. She did not "push or restrict '' anything. I have truly enjoyed my experience and results with her, where I have requested additional nutrition guidance. I would definitely recommend working 1:1 with Tara.

Michelle Fidler

Working with Tara has helped take my fitness journey to the next level. While I have always been into health + fitness to some degree, connecting with Tara has enhanced what I thought I already knew about my fitness journey, and has helped me improve in ways I didn't think were possible for my body. In just 3 short months, I saw dramatic improvements in areas that I had previously plateaued. Her workouts are no joke, and her check-in's are no fluff. If you want a coach to hold you accountable to higher standards and help give you "tough love" feedback that will ultimately give you the results you've always wanted, Tara is a perfect coach for you. Aside from the physical coaching though, Tara has really helped expand my mindset on my physique and the idea of competing. She is all about empowering her clients to make the best decisions for themselves, and makes sure that her clients understand that a positive mind and attitude are just as important as sticking to your plan. I'd highly recommend working with Tara if you're ready to take your health + fitness goals to the next level.

Kate Simon

Since working with ADO Fitness (Tara), my relationship with food has changed dramatically. She has helped me see food as fuel, and to not feel guilty when I do decide to indulge in foods that I love. I have learned that I have been under-eating most of my life, and that I can get stronger AND lose weight with more food. Tara made my macro goals personal to me and my lifestyle and I will be forever grateful for her!

Kara Wickman

For the many times I have told you before - "I love us" - I want you to know, it still rings true to this day - and it ALWAYS WILL. Before we started as coach and client, I had no idea it would blossom into such a beautiful relationship. Through the ups and downs, you were there for it all. From my naive approach to eating raw oats and inability to cook, to now prepping meals 6-days in advance that are restaurant-tasty. From losing my dog and grandfather, heartbroken from a psychologically abusive relationship, and frequent emotional binge eating, to practicing flexible dieting, and learning how to constructively cope with life's circumstances. From picking myself apart, to loving who I truly am. From prepping for my first competition, winning and losing, and progressing into a new chapter of bodybuilding. From knowing literally NOTHING about how to train or lift weights, to now helping others learn exercises with proper form. From feeling scared to rock a swimsuit, to now feeling confident in HEELS while wearing a suit on stage in front of an audience. I could go on. Point is - you have been more than a coach. You have been my guiding star, someone I look up to, and most of all - my friend. Your intentions are pure and authentic, always putting my health first from a holistic stand-point. I am where I'm at today, because of YOU. I am forever grateful.

Dani Magarell

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