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Challenge Pre Purchase for NYC 23

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Purchase your spot in the upcoming 2023 New Year Challenge and save!

Here's a snapshot of the Challenge:

  • 6 week workout program focusing on isolated body parts each day
  • 120 different supersets
  • Each superset is completed 3 times and designed to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Every superset/exercise has a video demonstration
  • Designed with 5 workout days and 2 rest days per week
  • PLUS: added plyometrics in each workout!

15% discount off list price of 199.99. Your cost today is 169.99!

Equipment Needed (sold separately):

  • 11 Piece Resistance Band Set
  • Loop band
  • Slider Discs


  • Resistance band workouts with exercise video demonstration
  • Designed to keep your heart rate elevated in its optimal fat burning zone at 65% – 75% of your maximum heart rate
  • 5 workouts per week (6 Week Workout Program)
    • over 120 supersets 
      • Each superset  has 2 exercises with plyometric exercises and finishers
    • 3 rounds of each superset with 1 minute rest between rounds
    • Each exercise has exercise video demonstration

NOTE:  Materials will not be dispersed until the enrollment period for the 2023 ADO New Year's Challenge opens up in December. This is a pre-purchase to secure your discounted rate.