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Joey Guz


Health and fitness are something I have made a part of my lifestyle for the last 20 years, including what I hold my degrees in. I have degrees in dental hygiene, human health service administration, a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Masters of Nursing. I am currently practicing as a family nurse practitioner and am in the process of obtaining my certification in functional medicine. I truly believe in taking the most natural approach possible when it comes to health, and I do know that majority of health issues can be treated as such. I have personally been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s and have been able to control them both without taking prescription medications. My passion and goals are to help my clients feel their best internally, which always exudes externally as well.  I want them to be nothing but confident, healthy and strong! 

About Joey


Master’s of Science in Nursing

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

Bachelor’s of Human Health Service Administration

Associates of Applied Science



AANP Family Nurse Practitioner

Board of Dentistry Registered Dental Hygienist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition


Show Credentials

Arnold Amateur 2014

2nd Place Bikini open-DFAC 2014

1st Place Fitness Model-DFAC 2014

1st Place Bikini Short Class Open-UFE 2014

4th Place Fitness Model Open-UFE 2014

1st Place Novice Class A - NPC John Simmons 2015

1st Place Open Class A - NPC John Simmons 2015

Top 15 - Flex Bikini Model Search Olympia 2015

2nd Place Open Class A - NPC Grand Rapids 2016

1st Place Open Class A - NPC Grand Rapids 2017


National Shows

Junior Nationals 2015

Team Universe 2015

6th Place Junior Nationals 2016

9th Place USA Championship 2016

North Americans 2016

10th Place Junior Nationals 2017

North Americans 2017


After sustaining life-altering injuries in the military I had severe muscle imbalances due to nerve damage and other complications. My girlfriend suggested I contact the ADO Team to be partnered with Joey for her experience as a Personal Trainer and her knowledge as a Nurse Practitioner. After reviewing her experience and skills, I knew she was one of the few trainers who I felt comfortable training me with all my medications and physical complications. 

Starting out, she was forthcoming, professional, considerate and analytical. She wanted to know everything about my lifestyle, fitness level, nutrition,history, injuries, medication and goals. She even asked for my bloodwork to ensure nothing I do is too taxing on my body. I truly didn’t think I was going to achieve the level of growth and physical fitness that I have with her, but I have. Joey takes a holistic approach to training where she considers all the aspects of each individual client and tailors your plan to your specific needs. She considers the overall picture to help you achieve your fitness goals by addressing your spiritual, physical, mental and nutritional needs. She measures nearly everything and creates a concise nutrition & workout plan with all considerations in mind. Then adjusts them as needed based on your results.

Due to these reasons, she is able to help you achieve your fitness goals expediently, in terms of body transformations and also consistently over time. She wants you to be your best version of yourself and this shows repeatedly in the quality of success her clients have demonstrated, including clients who are now models and fitness competitors. This is because she provides every one of her clients with a great individual training package to guide them to an entire lifestyle change which leaves them feeling healthier, more confident and accomplished. 

To close, Joey has repeatedly demonstrated her passion to help others through her charisma, intelligence and experience. She is kind but firm, understanding but forthcoming, she will tell you what you need to hear to help you be the best version of yourself. She is truly one of a kind in the fitness industry. I highly recommend her to those in the veteran community who are seeking a highly skilled professional that understands the complex nature of bodily injury and trauma. Along with those who are seeking highly skilled, amazingly intelligent and passionate personal trainer.

Bryan Scott

I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You helped me learn that food is not the enemy and that I never have to starve myself to look a certain way. You helped me gain a TON of self confidence and helped me learn to love myself and learn to love what my body is capable of doing rather than being obsessed with how much I weigh or with having shredded 6 pack abs all year round.

You and all of ADO fitness got me on the right track and allowed me to get into a place where I truly feel amazing due to the endless support and motivation I received.

Please feel free to use any emails and/or what I wrote above. I hope you are doing well and I really mean it when I say you changed my life. Thanks girl!

Ashley Barlett

The best thing I ever did was tune everyone out and listen to you! Eyes on the prize! I'm so happy with how prep has gone for me, so many people expect me to feel like crap and I don't at all. Of course I don't love cardio but it has to be done and I'm just so happy I'm not doing 2 hours a day. I can't believe where I'm at now. I am so grateful!

Delaney Stein

I was having dinner with my friend and complaining about the scales not moving after trying multiple programs and she encouraged me to give ADO a try.  I was hesitant, but saw how good she looked and thought what do I have to lose!  I signed up in April with Joey as my coach and wow...not only have the scales moved, but the inches I have lost and the muscle tone I'm gaining!  Being in my late 40's I didn't have much hope about weight loss until I started with ADO.  It hasn't been easy and some days are challenging, but all in all,  this program works for me.  I have gone down two sizes in my clothes, which feels fabulous, and I feel so much stronger.  Joey has been the best coach and mentor along the way...I couldn't have done this without her.

I'm so glad my friend encouraged me to reach out to's been life changing!

Karyn Johnson

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