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2024 Fall Challenge

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Purchase your spot in the upcoming 2024 Fall Challenge and save!

Important Information:

  • Equipment Needed:  11 Piece Resistance Band Set, Loop Band, and Slider Discs (purchase equipment with Challenge enrollment and save 40% -- be sure to use the Add-on checkboxes above to claim the discounts) ** In addition, if you are participating in the banded and dumbbell workout version, you will need 1-2 sets of dumbbells to be purchased separately. We recommend one lighter pair and one heavier pair. 
  • Enrollment Closes: Tuesday, October 8th
  • First Day of the Challenge: Monday, October 14th

    Price Includes:

      • 6-Week DB and Resistance Band Workout program inside. 
      • 2 upper and 2 lower body focused days with optional core and cardio days
      • Workouts can be completed directly from our app! Or, you can choose our digital download option with photo stills and video demonstration. 

    Custom made macro calculator for ease of calculating macrosNutrition Guide and Meal Plan examplesPlus much more…scroll below for more detailed informationNOTE: All digital documents available for download immediately after confirmed purchase & emailed 


    What do you Get?

    *Six week access to our app for workouts, resources, and community

    *Zoom call to go over how to set up your individual macros. 

    *Access to all 6 ADO Coaches


    • 6 Week Challenge is designed to:
      • Cut & Strengthen
      • Keep your heart rate elevated in its optimal fat burning zone at 65% - 85% of your maximum heart rate
      • Develop positive habits that yield positive results. It is intended as a launch pad for long term sustainability
    • Options to complete 6 Weeks of workouts with bands or bands and dumbbells.
    • Options to complete the 6 week challenge performing 5 workouts per week or 3 workouts per week.
    • All workouts programs come with video demonstrations
    • Nutrition guidance and meal plan suggestions
    • Goal setting and achieving exercise
    • Weekly mindset affirmation exercises
    • Weekly live videos including macro and nutrition set up before the challenge begins
    • Support via closed facebook group
      • Note: facebook closed group will be used as a communication platform. It is not mandatory to participate
    • Daily emails with instruction, tips, and announcements
    • Prizes

    2024 Fall Challenge Winners will receive:

    1st place: $2000 + $200 Gift Card to Protea Nutrition 

    2nd place: $500 + $100 Gift Card to Protea Nutrition

    3rd place: $300 Gift Card to Drip Fit

    4th place: $200 Gift Card to Just June

    5th place: $150 Gift Card to Why Bars


      • 4x per week program designed with two upper and two lower body focused days. 
      • Optional core and cardio days
      • Focused on 3 core moves each week with the goal of increasing progressive overload* to attain maximum results. 

    Workouts are designed utilizing both supersets and circuits to challenge the muscle group and get your heart rate up! Each superset and circuit  is completed 3 times and designed to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance.

    Every superset/exercise has a video demonstration in app or via links on our digitial download.

    *Progression is based on Increasing resistance week to week, decreasing rest time between exercises, decreasing rest time between supersets and including advanced variations of the exercises



    Guide to determine and set up your macros

    Custom made macro calculator for ease of calculating macros

    Meal plan examples

    Food option list

    Approved condiment list

    Live Zoom video tutorial to walk you through nutrition set up

    Recipe book with over 50 recipes + macros for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Snack and Dessert Recipes with macros

    NOTE: we recommend use of My Fitness Pal to track macros



    • Email : Daily emails that provide workout insight, guidance, tips, and announcementsInstagramPost your challenge pictures and videos
    • Zoom
      • Hosting a live Zoom call to set up unique macros and answer questions in real time. PLUS a LIVE Q &A  challenge. 
    • APP Community
      • engage through your app with all 7 ADO coaches as well as other participants. Receive notifications when posts are made directly to your phone!

    What you need to participate

    11 pc Resistance Band Set

    Loop Band

    Slider Discs

    2 sets of dumbbells (recommend a light-medium set and a medium-heavy set) (Not sold by ADO)

    Equipment sold separately.  We offer 40% savings on the equipment when purchased with the Spring Challenge!  To obtain the discounts, use the Add-ons checkboxes just above the Add To Cart button. 

    NOTE:  Materials will not be dispersed until September 30th.  You will receive a "save your spot"